Southern Construction Telecommunication J.S.Co.

Ing. Ján Štiglic
Maintenance Department Manager

The main advantage of the Powerbatt product is its simple application
fast effect on the battery capacity increase without interruption of the non-stop operation. Thorough testing, results and our experience with the Powerbatt product have eventuated in our decision to list the product for use for our rental fleets as well.

Marek Vencovský
Service manager

We at Linde Linde Material Handling Česká republika s.r.o., have had opportnunity to test  PowerBatt product on a representative sample of our own traction batteries. Based on the evaluation of the test results, we decided to implement PowerBatt product to our standard procedures of regeneration of lead-acid batteries. Today, after more than three years of using the product in the business-as-usual processes, we are pleased to express our thorough satisfaction with  the results of:

-Lifetime extension

-Increase in capacity

-Protection against sulfation

- Increase in the overall reliability of the treated batteries

Based on these results we decided to continue to co-operate further and to issue the letter of recommendation.

Skrodzki Marek
Service Manager

IKEA Gdansk confirms, that batteries 24V/225 Ah and  48V/560 Ah treated with PowerBatt have rapid increase in both V and density of both batteries.

Jurgen Schwarzer

We hareby confirm, that PowerBatt really works. We have tested by many clients with different battery conditions and in every single case we have reached for us not understandable positive result. We can only recommend it.

Doan Van Tien

The golf club hereby certifies that the product PowerBatt has been applied to their batteries and after 10 months, the batteries exhibit high reliability and operability.

Natalia C.Tanudjaja
General Manager

In July 2015 we tested Powerbatt on 12 units carts with variable age, battery between 2,3 and 4 years of use.The results were excellent, durability and strength of the battery has increased sharply, so we have decided to use it and apply Powerbatt Prevent to all our golf carts to get immediate results before 20th Ciputra Golf anniversary tournament. The carts run 27 holes and we had no problem with the cart operation "amazing"

Ing.Petr Mrnka
Service manager

We carried out several tests in the preventive care of various lead-acid batteries used primarily in forklift trucks and lorries. Since the test results and application of agent PowerBatt showed significant improvement in operability and reliability of batteries, we would recommend the PowerBatt to others as well. 
The main advantage we found while testing for several months, was a simple applicationof PowerBatt agent.

Eduard Bubák
technician – systems engineer – elektro A1

Based on a order, our company used Power Batt to regenerate its stationary accumulator 220 V/400 Ah, Type Vb 2308. As the follow-up procedure we have been applying Power Batt Prevent - the preventive product on regular basis (twice a year).

This is to declare that after the accumulator has been regenerated, even after five years it is fully (i.e. 100 %) operational; its also proved by regular inspections and capacity tests.

Southern Construction Telecommunication J.S.Co.

Ho Vi Ky

Head of Technical department

Batteries are reacted with PowerBatt, 100% of them get improvement on capacity and performance. After 7 weeks , the capacity is not decreased as usually and it continues to improve the capacity as well as performance.