for maintaining and doubling
the lifespan of lead – acid batteries

PowerBatt is the result of long-standing research commenced for Czechoslovak army and is certified by NATO . It represents a breakthrough solution in the dynamic battery regeneration industry. PowerBatt brings an array of benefits of innovative solutions in the field of:

  • Significant cost saving up to 85 percent
  • Easy to use
  • Environmental protection

PowerBatt´s unique composition subdues the natural processes of battery´s degeneration which
are considered to be irreversible by the industry standards.

graph: Comparing the battery lifespan and performance with and without regular use of Powerbatt


Problems of batteries

  • Prolongation of battery’s charging time
  • Longer down-time – lower work performance
  • Faster deterioration of a battery
  • More often blackouts
  • Low charging efficiency due to decreasing capacity and lifespan of a battery

Creation of sulfate and brown sediment

  • Low resistance to short circuits
  • Degradation of electrode’s active surface – destruction of the original structure


PowerBatt saves costs and boosts performance

  • Prolongs lifespan of batteries and increases battery performance and capacity – thus decreases costs needed for restoring portfolio of batteries
  • Decreases consumption of energy during battery charging. Helps to save costs connected to waste disposal
  • Regular application chemically optimizes the characteristics of a battery, significantly slowdowns decreasing in capacity and performance of battery – thus increases batteries effectivity, functionality and reliability
    Increasing and balancing of the capacity of individual cells provides reliability of whole system


PowerBatt is easy to use and protects the environment

  • Application is not technologically or investment demanding and takes place directly at the customer´s site
  • Connects financial gains with a responsible approach to the environment
    It prevents early battery replacement and decreases energy consumption while lowering levels of CO2 emissions and toxic lead waste in the environment



Regular use of PowerBatt is currently the easiest and the most effective way of reducing the costs related to the battery management. At the same time it has positive environmental effects as well.